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2019 Awards of Distinction

The Big Chicken

Serves a landmark chicken dish!

WINNER: Sugar Cakes Patisserie and Bistro

Best Seafood Dish

A delicious seafood dish that rivals them all!

WINNER: Catfish Hox

Finger Lickin' Good

The tastiest food eaten with the hands!

WINNER: Big Shanty Smokehouse

Tastiest Beverage

From smoothies to teas and everything in between. Must be non-alcoholic!

WINNER: Golden Krust

Best International Cuisine

Tasty treats from outside our borders!


Most Unique

Probably not found in your everyday


Best Comfort Food

What grandma would serve you when you were a kid

WINNER: Dave Poe's

Dangerously Delicious Dessert

Will tempt even the most serious dieter

WINNER: Doughnut Dollies & High Road Craft Ice Cream

Blazin' BBQ

BBQ so good it would make a vegetarian eat meat again

WINNER: Grand Champion BBQ

Tastiest Taste

Overall award for the best food dish

WINNER: Doughnut Dollies & High Road Craft Ice Cream